I can’t quite believe it’s already time for the final poll of Issue 11, gang! The branching paths (which I think of as the “comic plan tree” because branches… lol) have lead us to two intense options! Does Brar the demon drive Aly to multiple climaxes – OR – does  General Zero doses Aly with more Viper Vine Extract?

Vote here:  AoAS Issue 11 poll #14 
Stay safe, stay well, and enjoy!

PS – I mentioned previously that we’re actually a little ahead in terms of my story-telling goals for the comic (villains introduced, Kimiko and Captain Catherine are established as characters, people like and are rooting for our heroine, etc.) Not to give anything away, but we’ll be keeping up our current campaign of using any opportunity to give Aly a good time to even out the harsher comic storyline ;)

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