Patreon supporters get a 20-30% discount (depending on contribution level).

Colour images take approximately twice as long to create as black and white / shaded art and that will be reflected in the quote. All commissions will be shared on Patreon unless you want it to be private. Private commissions incur an additional cost.

A non-negotiable 50% deposit, paid through PayPal is required before work starts. If work has started then the deposit is non-refundable.

Here’s some guidelines for commissioning that I’ve ripped from another artist (who’s got a really good set-up)

What you can request:

  • Solo characters
  • Multiple characters
  • Nudes
  • Lewds
  • Erotics
  • Lesbian/Sex Female to Female
  • Sex Male to Female
  • Group sex / orgies
  • Exposing of erozones (Exhibitionism)
  • Sex in liquid (Liquidophilia)
  • Bondage
  • Vampirism (drinking of blood)
  • Sex Monster to Female (can be questionable, depends on the monster)

Or anything along the lines you can find at my Tumblr.

What you can’t request:

  • Real people (there’s no way for me to prove consent)
  • Giant genitals (Macrophilia)
  • Blood (Hematolagnia, getting aroused by blood)
  • Vomit (Emetophilia)
  • Rape (Biastophilia, Raptophilia)
  • Murder (Erotophonophilia)
  • Licking of eyeballs (Oculolinctus)
  • Feet fetish/sex (Podophilia)
  • Underage, child porn (Don’t even bother)
  • Bestiality (Sex Monster to Monster etc.)
  • Painful actions (Algolagnia, Masochism)
  • Sex Male to Male (I don’t enjoy working on this combination, but there are artists out there that will do it for you)

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