Patreon supporters get a 20-30% discount (depending on contribution level).

Colour images take approximately twice as long to create as black and white / shaded art and that will be reflected in the quote. All commissions will be shared on Patreon unless you want it to be private. Private commissions incur an additional cost.

A non-negotiable 50% deposit, paid through PayPal is required before work starts. If work has started then the deposit is non-refundable.

Here’s some guidelines for commissioning that I’ve ripped from another artist (who’s got a really good set-up)

What you can request:

  • Solo characters
  • Multiple characters
  • Nudes
  • Lewds
  • Erotics
  • Lesbian/Sex Female to Female
  • Sex Male to Female
  • Group sex / orgies
  • Exposing of erozones (Exhibitionism)
  • Sex in liquid (Liquidophilia)
  • Bondage
  • Vampirism (drinking of blood)
  • Sex Monster to Female (can be questionable, depends on the monster)

Or anything along the lines you can find at my Tumblr.

What you can’t request:

  • Real people (there’s no way for me to prove consent)
  • Giant genitals (Macrophilia)
  • Blood (Hematolagnia, getting aroused by blood)
  • Vomit (Emetophilia)
  • Rape (Biastophilia, Raptophilia)
  • Murder (Erotophonophilia)
  • Licking of eyeballs (Oculolinctus)
  • Feet fetish/sex (Podophilia)
  • Underage, child porn (Don’t even bother)
  • Bestiality (Sex Monster to Monster etc.)
  • Painful actions (Algolagnia, Masochism)
  • Sex Male to Male (I don’t enjoy working on this combination, but there are artists out there that will do it for you)
Basic Comission Form
Feel free to send me your concept. If there's anything that I'm not prepared to draw, I'll let you know.